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2010-09-01 03:16 am

From Twitter 08-31-2010

  • 08:39:52: Great look at a little industry that's still hanging in (beautifully shot, too):
  • 09:24:09: I need to work on not letting particular things that I can't immediately change get to me so much.
  • 09:39:48: It just stinks to have that "yeah! I'm doing important things!" high and then get smacked back into reality, you know?
  • 10:10:48: @andCKsays You're like Agador in The Birdcage.
  • 10:15:50: @andCKsays It's your Guatamalaness. Your natural heat.
  • 10:33:14: @jivetalkinmama @JPedde I use a mixture of paper and digital. iCal is good for long term plans. Circa notebook for short-term.
  • 10:40:46: @jivetalkinmama @JPedde As awesome as things are nowadays, the speed of notation and access just isn't there.
  • 11:08:21: People who share email forwards on listservs should be shunned.
  • 11:52:25: Starving. Tacos. (@ La Taqueria Grill)
  • 13:28:47: Ok, tonight must include laundry and desk organization (and perhaps some work). You all must hold me to this.
  • 13:34:53: @SnarphBlat Hopefully not for anything bad ;)
  • 13:52:38: RT @JamesUrbaniak: Not into Arcade Fire? Put the address you grew up at into Google Street View & rotate 360 while playing this: http:// ...
  • 14:48:11: I can not wait until the temperatures drop back down this weekend. I want to turn the air off inside!!
  • 15:09:59: @dormousie Good to hear! Cecilia has been sleeping in more and we have to rush in the mornings, so I feel the schedule issues.
  • 21:41:59: @incanus77 I just recalled @mullr playing Classical Gas at the 15th St. apt.
  • 22:52:50: @shetakesthecake Something lemony or citrusy? Make it so and I will come buy some!
  • 23:07:54:

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2010-08-31 03:16 am

From Twitter 08-30-2010

  • 08:40:48: I don't feel like checking in to my actual workplace today. (@ Armory Square)
  • 09:12:25: Is there anyway to find out class room assignments outside of MySlice? #su
  • 09:25:40: Can I get an assistant to write my timesheets for me? #wehatesitwehatesitforever
  • 09:52:13: @graphicsgirl Lizard hips look good in skinny jeans.
  • 10:19:10: @esterzinar Do not walk between these candy canes with a magnet on your head?
  • 10:51:17: @graphicsgirl Hee! I think both. The worst is on slightly flabby hipster boys who also wear v-neck shirts. #imlookingatyouwarehousestudents
  • 11:07:22: I want to revert back to a financial system that involves all my bills being paid from a sock stored under my bed.
  • 11:12:19: @sabler All I'm saying is that it's much harder to have a company accidentally charge a sock under your bed.
  • 12:45:01: JOURNALS ONLINE??? What will they think of next? (
  • 19:04:54: DFH fun times (@ S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications)
  • 22:09:28: @rotolo I used to use Gowalla and I think it's got a better design, but true - it's useless up here.
  • 22:14:25: Eating a bowl of my old lady cereal and reflecting.
  • 22:37:56: Finally watching this week's Mad Men. It's Victor Kiriakis!

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2010-08-30 03:16 am

From Twitter 08-29-2010

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2010-08-29 03:15 am

From Twitter 08-28-2010

  • 08:18:23: I'm at CNY Regional Market (2100 Park Street, Syracuse).
  • 09:41:53: I'm at NYS Fairgrounds (581 State Fair Blvd., Syracuse) w/ 6 others.
  • 10:39:21: Hector the smoke detector puppet show! (@ Time Warner Science & Industry Building)
  • 13:15:07: Had a fine time at the Fair! It's fun going with a child and I think she'll enjoy it more every year. #nysfair
  • 13:24:48: We didn't go too crazy with #nysfair food, but Joe had a corn dog and I had sausage & peppers all washed down with a frozen lemonade.

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2010-08-28 03:18 am

From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 07:56:37: I'm at Freedom of Espresso (144 Walton St, at S Franklin St, Syracuse).
  • 08:07:06: @andCKsays Never had any Haligonian friends?
  • 08:35:24: Are my sniffles this morning allergy-related or a cold coming on? Cecilia was kind of sneezy too...
  • 08:43:25: @SnarphBlat Yeah, I'm thinking it's allergies. Usually I get that weird taste/feeling in my mouth when it's a cold. Eyes kind of itchy too!
  • 08:44:07: Although, if anyone wants to deliver some fresh-squeezed oj to me, I wouldn't complain!
  • 08:51:19: @SnarphBlat Haha! Yes indeed! Don't worry - my mom is an RN, so I've grown up around icky health facts.
  • 08:57:24: I just cuddled a puppy!
  • 08:58:17: @SnarphBlat I've actually been much better the past few years (replaced with!), but some days stuff just gets to me!
  • 10:48:35: @dagsly @tracytilly @DanKlamm I still haven't figured out if I'm Gen X or Y. Generation On the Cusp.
  • 10:56:40: @dagsly They are kind of on the cusp of that too.
  • 11:05:01: @dagsly 1950 so they are, but I've seen gen y starting at 1976-77 births. I think I'm late Gen X. Joe skews me older anyway!
  • 11:12:04: Where is everyone lunching today?
  • 11:15:38: @dagsly Well I'm glad we've figured this out so I know how to be marketed to ;) #genx
  • 11:30:14: Wishing I had the dough to rent some studio space. Some things you can't easily do at a coffee shop working at home can be distracting.
  • 11:31:43: There should have been an "and" in that last post.
  • 11:57:02: Syracuse doesn't really have any #coworking spaces, does it?
  • 11:58:33: People, I need my life changed through the miracle of drag.
  • 12:01:07: Oh wait...
  • 12:02:05: @shetakesthecake @jivetalkinmama I LOVE RUPAUL & DRAG QUEENS
  • 12:17:21: @strongerica Absolutely, and the more fluffy To Wong Foo as well.
  • 12:53:07: @jivetalkinmama @shetakesthecake Next time @ThePandoraBoxx is in town, we should be there. (cc @strongerica)
  • 13:00:26: Always "fun" to see someone skipping a groove on a listserv.
  • 13:08:10: @sabler Oh wow... that's an oldie.
  • 13:15:22: @jlet @sabler Ok, I did it and the results are shockingly tame for the first few pages. And then...
  • 13:16:53: @kaylarrgh SWEET!
  • 16:03:18: Someday I will try doing things the easy way! #butnottodaysaysgowron
  • 16:11:18: Can someone explain to me how "Shattered Dreams" and "Silent Running" are different songs? Johnny Hates Mike's Mechanics?
  • 21:19:33: Thanks to @mmccormickcny & @SunnyinSyracuse for the mentions!
  • 21:20:34: @strongerica I know! I saw that and couldn't believe I was missing it. She was at Rain a few months back too.
  • 21:22:01: Watching Back to the Future on tv. No spoilers, ok? I hope that Biff guy gets his comeuppance.
  • 21:55:13: I think we're going to try to hit the #nysfair tomorrow morning. Cecilia did kind of go two years ago, in utero.
  • 22:08:30: @andCKsays I have to admit that the thought of navigating the crowds with even our little stroller is nauseating...
  • 22:10:27: @andCKsays I'd love to put Cecilia in our Ergo, but she's getting too big to want to be that contained for too long.
  • 22:37:25: @kwins I SO wish we could swing going during the week!

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2010-08-27 03:17 am

From Twitter 08-26-2010

  • 08:31:16: Running late today. (@ Freedom of Espresso)
  • 08:35:24: A migraine totally killed last night for me. Trying to restart today!
  • 09:05:12: @jivetalkinmama I get mine year round, annoyingly. Usually I can take stuff to get rid of them, but sometimes it knocks me out too!
  • 10:29:48: @mhaithaca Regarding your response to my inquiry, do you have Scottish ancestry?
  • 11:05:25: What would you buy? Marantz PMD660 or Zoom H4? (I've used both in the past.)
  • 11:48:14: Verdict: I love the Marantz, but I think the Zoom H4n will be more versatile for both Joe (musician) and I (video).
  • 12:27:17: @tracytilly Little tupperware container with ants on a log! (Celery/pb/raisins)
  • 12:31:03: @tracytilly In the unhealthy dept: Twizzlers. Whatchamacallit. Cow Tails.
  • 12:36:05: Was just forced by my suggestion to @tracytilly to walk across to Empire News to buy Twizzlers.
  • 12:43:55: @dblizzy Somehow I missed your return. Welcome back!
  • 12:46:49: Twizzlers appear to have 2% of my daily iron requirement. Healthy.
  • 13:34:18: Netbook from woot arrived today. Now I have a windows machine to test on!
  • 13:49:47: Aaaand there are problems with css in IE. #bigsurprise
  • 15:10:06: @dormousie That is clearly because he cannot possibly be anything yet but a chubby little infant still.
  • 15:23:42: @dormousie Does he like hummus? Cecilia is a hummus fiend.
  • 15:28:46: @dormousie Well, samples ARE new and intriguing and more fun than "at home" food.
  • 15:29:54: @JPedde Hey now! Pipsqueak power! #wasasetterinhighschool #alsofivefootthree
  • 15:35:39: Hello candy crash.
  • 21:40:12: @KellyLux I think Parks & Recreation has surpassed 30 Rock lately anyway.
  • 21:43:10: Argh. Return of the migraine. In bed early tonight.

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2010-08-26 03:16 am

From Twitter 08-25-2010

  • 01:00:19: I am up late this evening. #seeItoldyouIwouldneedthatcoffeeinthemorning
  • 02:17:56: @JPedde I salute you, fellow late worker.
  • 02:26:24: @JPedde I used to be an inveterate nocturnal worker, but it's hard to do it regularly with a toddler around and her early rising!
  • 08:42:21: Yes. I was correct about needing that coffee. I'd also like some tranquilizers.
  • 08:46:39: @meghanwaslike I need a WHOLE LOT OF THINGS canceled out right now!
  • 09:04:57: Darn you, Pacific time.
  • 09:13:24: And, to top it off, my oatmeal is watery. #calgontakemeaway
  • 09:27:21: Trying to figure out what else I could possibly do...
  • 09:46:06: The problem with taking risks is not so much having no cushion for yourself, but having other people that will get pulled down with you.
  • 09:47:20: @SavilleL Excellent review!
  • 09:49:57: @SavilleL Thanks for posting that. Just purchased the Kindle version to read on my iPhone.
  • 10:04:19: People, I need you to talk smack about Portland, OR to stop me from wanting to move there.
  • 10:27:56: @incanus77 I can tell you are reaching. You have waffle windows and food trucks galore.
  • 11:46:50: Turkey chili. (@ Blue Tusk)
  • 12:21:58: @dagsly Well none of the Portlanders I know have been very convincing! (teehee @kwins)
  • 12:49:57: @kwins Haha... sorry :) And I'm not leaving the CNYz. But we could use more food trucks up here.
  • 12:52:18: Fan? Meet feces. Feces? Meet fan.
  • 13:03:30: @Twentyfour01 What would be on your list?
  • 13:46:49: @mmccormickcny "I'm at the Cuba Cheese Shoppe." And I am jealous!
  • 14:02:52: Cannot wait to go pick up my lady this afternoon.
  • 14:03:20: @id29 That is truly eerie.
  • 14:22:04: @beaslee @jivetalkinmama Ooohh... eat some mochi for me
  • 15:14:22: Do you want to be famous? No? Good, then you won't mind volunteering for my project!
  • 15:43:51: If possible, could you RT the link to my survey form in my last post? Trying to broaden my field of responses as much as I can. Thanks!!
  • 16:43:53: The fire truck park. (@ Sheridan Park)

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2010-08-25 03:18 am

From Twitter 08-24-2010

  • 07:15:38: Made grave error in thinking someone would want pancakes instead of oatmeal this morning. #toddlerdogma
  • 07:16:58: Or it is right below on that email. Argh! @tracytilly: you have my business card, spell my name correctly, please! #payattention!
  • 08:41:13: @JoshShear I FEEL HER PAIN
  • 08:53:29: I'm at Freedom of Espresso (128 W Genesee St, Fayetteville).
  • 09:21:18: @mellokittie Try making sure you get some protein in the morning?
  • 10:00:53: Can NOT stop yawning this morning.
  • 10:26:44: The slight tinge of fall in the air gets me in the mood to do a rewatch of "Felicity"... and apples and leaves and all that too etc. etc.
  • 10:36:11: @strongerica I bought the DVDs a few years ago!
  • 10:41:21: "Hey." "Hey." "Do you know [professor/class/coffeeshop/artist]? I've heard [he/she/it] is AMAZING." #felicitytweets
  • 10:54:10: @strongerica Hee... Noel? Ben? Shooey - I'm a Javier girl!
  • 11:07:01: I can be a very impatient person sometimes.
  • 12:04:04: My brain hurts!
  • 12:37:14: Friends don't let friends go to graduate school. #unlesstheyarefullyfunded
  • 12:39:28: @msloaf Is there somewhere you can make an "appointment" to be earlier in the day? Force your classmates to have breakfast together ;)
  • 12:41:11: Happy groups of people make me happy. #simpleneeds
  • 14:05:21: @andCKsays @dagsly The answer is none. None more red.
  • 14:20:36: Huh... well that wasn't about minor child characters in Star Trek.
  • 14:30:05: @dagsly I guess we did that unintentionally! I was right on the cusp with my December b-day.
  • 18:54:41: How many more things can we forget to put on the list??? (@ Wegmans)
  • 19:43:07: Ugh. The basement leakage near the litterbox has contributed to our whole house smelling like a litterbox. #lePEW
  • 23:24:27: @mellokittie Hello fellow migraine-sufferer! (cc @jivetalkinmama)
  • 23:25:39: I wish my laptop had a little flip-out second screen in the left upper corner.
  • 23:58:58: Got the coffee pot ready for tomorrow. Yes, I said coffee. I feel I will need it tomorrow. #usuallyateadrinker

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2010-08-24 03:17 am

From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • 08:21:08: This weather seems to be wreaking havoc on my allergies. (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners)
  • 08:24:14: @JoshShear This is where subscribing to calendars with holidays of major religions in iCal/Google Calendar comes in very handy.
  • 08:32:43: @SunnyinSyracuse I will take a spot on the list if more compelling cases don't step forward. :)
  • 08:43:58: Over the weekend, a few of you mentioned needing new websites... I can help! Drop a line and we can figure out what you need.
  • 08:46:40: Wish I could curl up at a coffeeshop with a big mug of tea and my own work today!
  • 09:03:58: @krispind I'm interested, but I have the condition that they move it to Syr. #notgoingtohappen
  • 09:13:23: Yeah yeah yeah, I got like two feet of hair cut off my head. Move along, move along.
  • 09:32:41: @dagsly I took a pic (of my old flannel shirt) this weekend that contains evidence:
  • 09:36:30: I believe that shirt came from the boutique of Mr. H. Philipson, a merchant of military goods and noted pugilist of prices.
  • 09:37:14: @dagsly Things were beyond poofy and into "head being actively strangled by hair".
  • 09:47:35: "Working on it" has about 283 different meanings.
  • 10:00:37: Follow Monday: @AngryPaulRand - saying everything you ever wanted to with authority
  • 10:02:57: Did any of you leave your bags here? If so, you can claim them under my eyes.
  • 10:34:29: Official new haircut photo with phone artfully replacing one eye.
  • 10:50:28: @graphicsgirl Thanks :) It is pleasantly low-maintenance and forgiving.
  • 10:56:07: @graphicsgirl They simply become tan highlights! One drawback is that I can't drape hair over yogurt handprints on my shoulders.
  • 11:12:21: I think it's a Pasta's day. #lunchplanning
  • 11:22:56: @kwins Hee :) In my case it was "Stef is working on it" and Stef doesn't even know what it is...
  • 11:35:15: @mhaithaca That's one of the places I deeply miss being able to walk to regularly!
  • 11:50:04: I'm looking for places around Syracuse that need to have their story told. Where is your favorite place?
  • 11:56:53: @mhaithaca Can you describe the problem with the form more? It doesn't give you the boxes for your name???
  • 12:02:00: @mhaithaca Aha! I see :) Well, I will change it to a single line box so that all names can be accomodated ;)
  • 12:02:21: And then I will spell accommodated properly.
  • 12:26:55: Spicy hot tomato oil? Yes please. (@ Pastabilities)
  • 12:28:51: Just saw the talented Michelle DaRin restocking her wares in #armorysquare
  • 12:36:16: @sabler Indeed it was. I recall Mr. Drury finding great mirth in it.
  • 12:37:18: HALP HALP HALP HALP HALP HALP HALP MEEEE! #justhadtogetthatout
  • 13:47:10: @msloaf If you can blowdry your hair nicely, you're doing well. I can only deal with air-drying and a little product.
  • 14:33:33: I hate when you're waiting for an important email and you keep getting "50% at BabyShoeCoYouBoughtFromOnce!" and "Keep your WHOIS current!"
  • 15:11:20: @kimincuse @ArmoryMassage It's got to be super-frozen when you start.
  • 16:40:49: I'm at Wegmans (6789 E Genesee St, Fayetteville) w/ 2 others.
  • 18:00:50: @dougbartow That drives me nuts too! How can the Dewitt Wegmopolis be anywhere but Dewitt? Of course, how can the Giants play in NJ?
  • 19:17:18: @champignon Yay!! That sounds promising!!
  • 20:13:47: @Lisawalsh Nice! I wish we had had you do our wedding!
  • 21:26:07: Every time I see it, I'm reminded that the Beirut episode of No Reservations is an excellent piece of television.
  • 22:27:35: FYI: SUNY Morrisville is hiring a Web Developer/Designer

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2010-08-23 03:17 am

From Twitter 08-22-2010

  • 11:53:15: Ribs and corn (@ Hannaford's)
  • 13:14:22: I am entering the flow state of work, so it is to be assured that an interruption is forthcoming.
  • 16:13:15: Trying to stay at my mom's as long as possible! I'm doing work, everyone else is eating ice cream ;) (I am full from corn on the cob).
  • 19:25:28: @KellyLux If you want, send me a message about what you need on the site and I can let you know what might work best.
  • 19:26:57: *cue intense longing to return to the area formerly known as Leatherstocking*
  • 20:56:36: Thrilling night. Got home, pumped basement, got Cheddar back inside, and Cecilia was running around wearing only sunglasses and socks. #fb
  • 22:21:41: PLEASE tell me Joan is fluent in Japanese! #joanlove
  • 23:10:31: It is SO hard watching a show on DVD and then having to move to once a week. #MadMen
  • 23:22:58: @sabler OH yes... that was a tough one too, although we only had to catch up through 1.5ish seasons.

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2010-08-22 03:21 am

From Twitter 08-21-2010

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2010-08-21 03:20 am

From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • 08:11:51: The air is redolent with the smell of toast. (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners)
  • 08:26:35: Thank you, Wufoo, for putting Kelly Clarkson in my head.
  • 08:53:39: Hey all: I'm looking for unsung SYR-area places that have a story to tell. Can you help? #niceformthistimearound
  • 08:58:54: @kaylarrgh It was excellent. Need to go back and really get down with the food.
  • 09:05:39: @SteveBorek Yes - I snuck in late, so I missed most of it!
  • 09:13:25: Argh. I forgot to make a hair appt. today. I wonder if anyone has any slots open...?
  • 09:33:34: @dormousie That reminds me of when I would pretend to be Bugs Bunny when I was little.
  • 10:10:20: Context. I like it.
  • 10:45:03: OH MY GOD. #bloodpressure #headdesk #cringe
  • 10:46:19: I suddenly have the urge to watch "What About Bob?" Oh wait, I always want to watch that. #babysteps
  • 11:09:20: I wish I could snoop on this conversation a little more...
  • 11:15:30: @dougbartow Slate is good, but I also love Project Rungay's dissections of the clothing styles and themes
  • 11:20:10: I love Richard Dreyfuss in this segment: #whataboutbobchat
  • 11:21:48: Getting some work done for a few moments. (@ Freedom of Espresso)
  • 11:24:00: @danitabecker Ah thanks! The more of us, the better!
  • 11:36:38: @jivetalkinmama You can totally see the colors though! Nice!
  • 12:49:43: @kimincuse I lived down there for a few years. Ithaca is wonderful to explore.
  • 12:51:07: I'm working my 60s Peggy Olson and her hipster pals hair now.
  • 12:59:20: Shanna worked a miracle! (@ All Dolled Up Salon)
  • 13:48:50: It looks like my Northside neighborhood signs are up. Have to go get pictures at some point.
  • 13:51:31: Worky and tea. (@ Recess)
  • 14:24:12: I'm looking for places around Syracuse that need to have their story told. Where is your favorite place?
  • 14:51:43: You know, I'm really not wanting to re-invent the wheel for my business/portfolio site. May just tweak a template and say DONE.
  • 15:49:33: Catching some of the current DFH students' final projects. (@ S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications w/ 2 others)
  • 16:32:53: I want to teach a typography for film/documentary class...
  • 17:40:57: @mellokittie I live in Syracuse, but I'm always trying to think of ways to be able to move back. We are there a lot tho, incl this weekend!
  • 18:04:54: @blake_p I think you can get dudes to send you money for that kind of thing if you set up a webcam.
  • 19:04:18: @kimincuse congrats! What a great opportunity!
  • 21:13:09: @v_phd You've read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, right? Your post reminds me about the scene with Francie's teacher criticizing her work.
  • 21:16:50: Now that Cecilia is asleep, my night will consist of getting deep into some work and keeping Cheddar out of my cereal. #glamour
  • 21:35:32: @andCKsays Anything happening to Cecilia is top of the list. My fear of anything happening to me is nil, as long as I've protected her.
  • 21:38:44: Kitty fight! Kitty fight!
  • 21:42:21: @tracytilly Yes & after losing my dad when I was 18, it became even more difficult to think about.
  • 21:43:07: @andCKsays Of course, then there is "but what if I get hurt so badly that I can't protect her anymore?" Argh!
  • 21:46:46: In lighter news, I gave in and let Cheddar lick the remnants of my cereal bowl. He is truly a weenie among weenies. #weeniecat
  • 22:21:32: @JPedde JOHN WOLF. Say hi for me.
  • 22:27:09: @JPedde Small town! And who ISN'T friends with John Wolf?
  • 22:38:21: @JPedde mentioned Korean food and now I'm once again craving duk bokki from Chorong.
  • 22:58:59: @JPedde Small country then! And the next tweetup should be at Chorong and we can do karaoke.
  • 23:02:46: All that claptrap about just tweaking a template for my site? Nonsense. Too much junk. Although I am going back to my Starkers-built idea...
  • 23:17:37: @Mitch_M They're of no use if you know what you want and can make it. Starkers is a great starting point though.
  • 23:22:21: @Mitch_M Yeah, if you were building from "scratch" a full site, using WP as a content management system.

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2010-08-20 03:18 am

From Twitter 08-19-2010

  • 08:45:57: 6-8pm tonight! RT: @thesarahburns: Don't miss SYR Creative Eats tonight at Laci's Tapas Bar! #aigaupstny
  • 08:52:50: Saw a girl in a fedora in Armory Sq. today and knew exactly where she was headed to work.
  • 09:06:03: Glad to be reclaiming the Newhouse part of my identity this fall.
  • 09:47:20: One thing I miss about Movable Type as opposed to Wordpress is the ability to have multiple blogs/sites under one install.
  • 09:53:39: @Twentyfour01 You know, you're right... Wordpress included MU in with 3.0.
  • 09:54:07: Big duhrr on my part there. Anyway, I still do miss using MT sometimes.
  • 09:56:51: Is anyone familiar with the inner workings of the SU jobs site?
  • 10:00:44: @Twentyfour01 In many ways, I much preferred the insertion of MT tags in designing a site, to building around WP templates.
  • 10:07:51: @JPedde I would very much have liked to, but I have a conflicting event tonight.
  • 10:16:58: @andCKsays I'm just curious about the different status labels. Essentially: when do you know for sure you've been tossed aside? ;)
  • 10:56:20: @graphicsgirl Love it. Sometimes drawings like those or in city directories are the only visual evidence left of a building.
  • 11:12:23: The greater my need for a site to be up, the greater the possibility that it is inexplicably down.
  • 11:22:32: @SunnyinSyracuse My pleasure - always looking to add more Syracuse-area people!
  • 11:26:11: Hmmm... what should lunch be today? As much as I would like it to be a big bowl of spinach artichoke dip, that probably isn't the best plan.
  • 11:37:31: Early heads up that The Lady and I will be heading to the MoVa this weekend.
  • 11:43:14: I am really looking forward to finally trying out Laci's Tapas Bar tonight. Nom nom. #syracuse #aigaupstny #creativeeats
  • 12:11:04: Hmmm, Twitter is doing that "no followers" thing again.
  • 12:11:47: @dagsly I hope it resolves itself soon. And that no one gives you a coffee hard candy.
  • 12:18:36: @erwimer Thank you!!! It all makes sense now.
  • 12:25:24: Someday they will have that chicken salad sandwich again... (@ Blue Tusk)
  • 12:55:22: I have Jon Lovitz as Harvey Fierstein in my head.
  • 12:58:51: Plug away!
  • 13:05:15: RT @nprscottsimon: Dr. Scott Bea at CleveClinic sez it's natural to cry on first day of yr children's school. Good. Principal practicall ...
  • 13:06:08: @shetakesthecake I noticed today that I had a bunch of people in a list that I wasn't actually following either. Odd!
  • 13:32:27: @kimincuse @SunnyinSyracuse I had that happening earlier, but now everything is back in place.
  • 14:07:19: To whom it may concern: A better use of my time than yours? I'd love to show you how I would use that time. #outofcontextrant
  • 14:10:37: Agghgh! Stop calling me, Time Warner auto-dialer thing!
  • 14:33:12: @Lisawalsh Is it correct that there are no fees beyond a percentage or so of the payment being made?
  • 14:43:49: @Lisawalsh Sweet - thanks. I didn't know anyone who had actually used it.
  • 15:46:24: Ok - question answered!
  • 19:22:35: Creative Eats! (@ Laci's Tapas Bar)
  • 19:38:53: Tweetup! (@ J Ryans w/ 5 others)
  • 20:44:19: @strongerica Great meeting you all! We'll have to talk old fart tunes sometime.
  • 21:32:48: Met @strongerica @SunnyinSyracuse @JPedde @KellyLux @kimincuse @jillhw @EricHinman @Mitch_M tonight and if I've missed you, let me know!
  • 21:35:37: Have I mentioned recently that @andCKsays is pillar in the community and a stand-up fellow?
  • 21:54:57: @strongerica I used to wear THREE OF THE SAME Beatles watches AT THE SAME TIME in middle school. #superfanbutalsoagoober
  • 22:20:54: Hey 'Cuse folks: Do you have suggestions for sites around town that you feel are unsung or that have a story to tell? Let me know...
  • 22:30:06: @Twentyfour01 Possibly, but not necessarily. Just looking for places that are important to someone but don't usually get a lot of attention.
  • 22:49:34: @KellyLux Thank you! Great to put real faces to the little icons on here:) (Working on a new version of my site right now actually!)
  • 22:53:35: Excellent food tonight at Laci's Tapas Bar! I could have eaten about 40 of the tomato/mozz/basil lollipops.
  • 22:58:34: @kimincuse They do a kind of casual, varied take on tapas. Have you been to Just a Taste in Ithaca?
  • 23:08:14: @kimreed Here the answer to that!
  • 23:13:51: @mellokittie Ah - I just looked at your latitude/longitude. I grew up in Herkimer :)
  • 23:41:09: @jivetalkinmama Awesome! I used to have fun hair - need to do that again someday.
  • 23:43:54: @rachiestar @burrito19 @kimreed Thanks for the suggestions! Adding them to my list...
  • 23:54:08: @jivetalkinmama Nice!
  • 23:55:30: People. I love this fragging pen.

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2010-08-19 03:18 am

From Twitter 08-18-2010

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2010-08-18 03:19 am

From Twitter 08-17-2010

  • 08:06:08: Hi ho hi ho (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners)
  • 09:12:04: @graphicsgirl That TextExport script is crazy.
  • 09:13:03: RT @graphicsgirl: If you didn't catch my post on #photoshop scripts yesterday, check it out - and read the comments for some great adds! ...
  • 09:48:14: @berndogger I will put in requests for "Drowning Man", "In God's Country", and "The Electric Co."
  • 10:32:30: I think I might be doing this wrong. Am I doing this wrong? Hmmm...
  • 11:07:12: Let's play #whatsyourfavoritepastashape? I'm partial to pappardelle lately. Yay wide noodles.
  • 12:35:44: Taco time. (@ La Taqueria Grill w/ 2 others)
  • 13:08:19: FYI, if you've lost portions of your weave in Syracuse, they can be found near Jefferson and Salina. #publicserviceformissinghair
  • 13:47:10: The Joy of Photoshopping -
  • 14:14:55: @kimreed I THOUGHT they looked like they belonged to the twins. I hope their heads aren't too cold with them missing.
  • 14:20:56: @dagsly Depends on the flavor. #brownsugarcinnamon #ignorefalsestrawberryidols
  • 14:25:04: I am having trouble focusing.
  • 14:29:19: And I just spilled tea all down my front. #excellenceintheworkplace
  • 15:10:35: Argh. This paper is making my pen bleed all over.
  • 15:23:11: @SnarphBlat If you have a spare, sure!
  • 15:28:21: Judging by the # of autoresponses I've gotten, this must be the biggest vacation week of the year.
  • 15:46:12: *sigh* Too much or too little seems to be where it's at. How about some "just right" please? #goldilocksasmetaphor
  • 17:34:30: @shakenbysound holy crap! I'm glad you're ok!
  • 21:04:36: @graphicsgirl I'm glad you're ok!
  • 21:52:59: iPhone back in action. *sigh of relief*
  • 22:09:33: @tracytilly I think Twitter is kind of like a quiet little ultra-local radio show :)
  • 22:10:28: Ok people. I have GOT to get my haircut. Someone remind me to make an appointment tomorrow.
  • 22:11:24: @tracytilly Me too, although I'm an admitted NPR dweeb :)
  • 22:14:22: @tracytilly I got super-addicted when I was working up in the ADKs a few summers ago, listening to NCPR. Now I'm all about @WRVO.
  • 23:06:17: I kind of wish Cecilia's hair could just stay like it is now for the rest of time. She has perfect curly baby/toddler hair.
  • 23:17:28: @dagsly It's good company.
  • 23:22:19: This dude was on our gate yesterday: (photo from Joe's phone)

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2010-08-17 03:19 am

From Twitter 08-16-2010

  • 07:12:24: Cecilia is sleeping in after two wake-ups last night.
  • 08:27:15: Just ran down for tea. (@ Freedom of Espresso)
  • 08:27:59: Back to work. (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners)
  • 08:33:12: Yep. (to say anything more would get me in trouble)
  • 09:24:15: Sometimes I think I must have just fallen from a different planet. Or perhaps it's that others think that about me??
  • 09:33:26: Time for my biweekly commencement of fetal position when faced with having to do my timesheets.
  • 09:43:25: Adding some folks on LinkedIn. Should we be connected?
  • 11:01:04: Despite popular belief, I still seem to be only one person with one set of hands.
  • 11:45:11: Mondays and many mornings for me lately: "Ok, good attitude good attitude good attitude good attitude... wait, no no NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!"
  • 12:02:46: It always kind of feels like Christmas when I get an "ITEM RESERVED FOR YOU" notice from the library.
  • 12:46:52: @dougbartow Kind of like the pre- or post-horns Jam predicament.
  • 12:51:15: @graphicsgirl Are you an AIGA member?
  • 12:51:41: @kwins Oh dear *hugs*
  • 13:01:23: @kwins Oh no! I agree w/you there. Time with Cecilia is great, but she also needs to not live in a cardboard box. Sometimes we HAVE to work!
  • 13:38:07: Looking forward to Creative Eats on Thursday at Laci's Tapas Bar! #aigaupstny
  • 21:23:15: Not ashamed to admit that my main backup drive is named Skarloey.
  • 21:29:49: Not that I recommend this course of action, but, for once, I ignored a problem and it actually did go away!
  • 21:37:48: @kaylarrgh I have to admit that I set up the event there to finally get to try it out!
  • 22:19:25: Having "breakfast dinner" tomorrow night: eggs, homefries, toast and fruit.
  • 22:35:45: I am enjoying a bowl of bran flakes as a snack. #veryveryold #alsoknowswhattimelawrencewelkison
  • 22:39:20: @sabler No, I'm having tea. Although there is prune juice in the house to keep a certain toddler running smoothly.
  • 23:06:20: I am having a huge AbFab craving right now.
  • 23:11:14: @jivetalkinmama I'm feeling very Edina Monsoon at the moment, although I'm staying away from silver leggings and the like.
  • 23:13:10: Here we go:
  • 23:20:22: @jivetalkinmama I chose that video specifically for the divining rod scene.
  • 23:48:58: Just noticed this on the Goog: "Organization name (e.g., FrobozzCo or Tyrell Corporation)" Yay Zork reference!

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2010-08-16 03:17 am

From Twitter 08-15-2010

  • 01:01:55: Oh Facebook and your spiderweb of weird connections (and why am I still up?)...
  • 11:00:01: Lawn mowed! Now, laundry.
  • 11:32:23: Giving Cecilia's water shoes the vinegar/baking soda treatment. Peeeyouuuu! #glamorousweekendevents
  • 11:57:33: OH from kids down the street: "Let's play Santa Claus on our bikes! Ho ho ho!"
  • 13:17:15: Watching A Bug's Life with Cecilia before heading out for a get-together with Joe's family.
  • 21:17:24: Folding clothes and watching Barney Miller, to be followed by tea, some work, and Mad Men.
  • 22:37:36: Loved that shot of Peggy and Don just now. #MadMen
  • 22:41:59: Also, I'm curious about what they're setting up with Peggy here...
  • 22:52:06: FYI - it really kind of bothers me how AMC puts their show names in quotes in promos.
  • 23:05:46: Snoozing puddytats

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2010-08-15 03:21 am

From Twitter 08-14-2010

  • 09:02:47: Just got home from Regional Market. Saturday tradition for The Lady and I!
  • 09:04:15: RT @danitabecker: RT @SyrMichael: Five: the number of languages I've heard so far at the farmers market #ilovediversity #cny #Syracuse
  • 12:50:43: @jill_hw That place is almost literally next to our house. I've thought of joining merely because it's so close!
  • 12:52:48: Just returned from the zoo... The penguins, tigers, and elephants were the favorites today.
  • 13:29:21: Excellent look at the use of typography in practice (that practice being law...)
  • 17:13:15: Ok - you people have drawn me back into using Foursquare. However, I can only check in if a place has wifi, so there you go.
  • 17:14:23: And I still prefer Gowalla to Foursquare.
  • 17:19:18: @shetakesthecake I was thinking the same thing earlier! Congrats to @dblizzy and his lady!
  • 17:20:15: @sabler But Gowalla is PRETTIER. And it makes me mad if I forget to check in somewhere new and then I feel like I'VE LOST THE GAME.
  • 17:21:07: @sabler But I've also LOST THE GAME if everyone else is playing and I'm not, so there is no way for me to really win.
  • 17:37:05: Cooking some @FlourCityPasta for dinner tonight!
  • 17:37:34: @sabler I'll concede that point.
  • 17:39:20: I kind of want to give away all of my clothes and start fresh with only a week and a half of outfits. #drowningintshirts
  • 23:07:59: Looking forward to making scrambled eggs w/mozz cheese and New Hope Mills buckwheat pancakes for breakfast in the morning!
  • 23:23:23: @meghanwaslike Friday and Saturday nights used to be my favorite time to go a-Wegging. So nice & empty. I tend to be too pooped nowadays!

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2010-08-14 03:17 am

From Twitter 08-13-2010

  • 08:15:36: @Twentyfour01 I barely ever use the Twitter website, so I hardly knew it existed.
  • 08:24:21: So this is Friday. And what have you done?
  • 08:55:15: @mmccormickcny I can't even imagine Betty canning at all.
  • 09:27:08: @dagsly Sweet. Thanks for mentioning that. I was thinking about getting one for testing purposes. Can't beat the price.
  • 12:04:39: @JPedde Thanks!
  • 12:08:11: Here's to optimism. Had a very not-good thing happen today, but also two good things. More good things plz!
  • 12:33:40: Heh. The bookmark for my phone account still says "Cingular Wireless".
  • 12:45:24: Wish (that everyone else has): wireless sync for iPhone
  • 12:59:33: Had a meeting and now doing some work at Freedom in Fayetteville.
  • 13:07:00: @dormousie If it makes you feel better, I have yogurt from The Lady's breakfast this morning smeared on my black-shirted shoulder.
  • 13:23:16: I'm proud to announce that Noblework Media has joined SYRACUSE FIRST, a nonprofit network of local businesses,...
  • 13:31:34: @tracytilly Thanks for the RT! Supporting local and regional businesses is something that's really important to me. No-brainer to join!
  • 14:02:51: Not going to toot a list today, but I just have to say that Twitter has been so awesome to me, esp. over the past few months. Thanks tweeps!
  • 16:46:54: Playing in the rocks with The Lady.
  • 20:46:08: RT @FrankConniff: Eat Pray Love film already changing lives, inspiring women to dare to eat small cups of gelato with tiny plastic spoons.
  • 21:41:46: Oof. My legs feel like I ran a marathon today.
  • 22:28:16: Just because:
  • 23:43:58: Tiny hobolady outfit
  • 23:44:20: Cookies & milk jammies
  • 23:45:08: Ogling the fowl at Webster Pond

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2010-08-13 03:19 am

From Twitter 08-12-2010

  • 08:36:55: I feel like I'm trying to put together a puzzle with pieces from three different boxes.
  • 11:07:20: Why does it seem like EVERYTHING has some sort of complication attached to it lately?
  • 11:09:04: Feeling a little down today as I'm not sure I can take advantage of something good... we'll see though.
  • 12:17:09: @caithlin And someday, I will travel down the road and back again for your raviolis. :)
  • 12:39:04: RT @Syracuse_First: welcome new SyracuseFirst member Noblework Media.

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