Aug. 18th, 2010

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  • 08:06:08: Hi ho hi ho (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners)
  • 09:12:04: @graphicsgirl That TextExport script is crazy.
  • 09:13:03: RT @graphicsgirl: If you didn't catch my post on #photoshop scripts yesterday, check it out - and read the comments for some great adds! ...
  • 09:48:14: @berndogger I will put in requests for "Drowning Man", "In God's Country", and "The Electric Co."
  • 10:32:30: I think I might be doing this wrong. Am I doing this wrong? Hmmm...
  • 11:07:12: Let's play #whatsyourfavoritepastashape? I'm partial to pappardelle lately. Yay wide noodles.
  • 12:35:44: Taco time. (@ La Taqueria Grill w/ 2 others)
  • 13:08:19: FYI, if you've lost portions of your weave in Syracuse, they can be found near Jefferson and Salina. #publicserviceformissinghair
  • 13:47:10: The Joy of Photoshopping -
  • 14:14:55: @kimreed I THOUGHT they looked like they belonged to the twins. I hope their heads aren't too cold with them missing.
  • 14:20:56: @dagsly Depends on the flavor. #brownsugarcinnamon #ignorefalsestrawberryidols
  • 14:25:04: I am having trouble focusing.
  • 14:29:19: And I just spilled tea all down my front. #excellenceintheworkplace
  • 15:10:35: Argh. This paper is making my pen bleed all over.
  • 15:23:11: @SnarphBlat If you have a spare, sure!
  • 15:28:21: Judging by the # of autoresponses I've gotten, this must be the biggest vacation week of the year.
  • 15:46:12: *sigh* Too much or too little seems to be where it's at. How about some "just right" please? #goldilocksasmetaphor
  • 17:34:30: @shakenbysound holy crap! I'm glad you're ok!
  • 21:04:36: @graphicsgirl I'm glad you're ok!
  • 21:52:59: iPhone back in action. *sigh of relief*
  • 22:09:33: @tracytilly I think Twitter is kind of like a quiet little ultra-local radio show :)
  • 22:10:28: Ok people. I have GOT to get my haircut. Someone remind me to make an appointment tomorrow.
  • 22:11:24: @tracytilly Me too, although I'm an admitted NPR dweeb :)
  • 22:14:22: @tracytilly I got super-addicted when I was working up in the ADKs a few summers ago, listening to NCPR. Now I'm all about @WRVO.
  • 23:06:17: I kind of wish Cecilia's hair could just stay like it is now for the rest of time. She has perfect curly baby/toddler hair.
  • 23:17:28: @dagsly It's good company.
  • 23:22:19: This dude was on our gate yesterday: (photo from Joe's phone)

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