Sep. 1st, 2010

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  • 08:39:52: Great look at a little industry that's still hanging in (beautifully shot, too):
  • 09:24:09: I need to work on not letting particular things that I can't immediately change get to me so much.
  • 09:39:48: It just stinks to have that "yeah! I'm doing important things!" high and then get smacked back into reality, you know?
  • 10:10:48: @andCKsays You're like Agador in The Birdcage.
  • 10:15:50: @andCKsays It's your Guatamalaness. Your natural heat.
  • 10:33:14: @jivetalkinmama @JPedde I use a mixture of paper and digital. iCal is good for long term plans. Circa notebook for short-term.
  • 10:40:46: @jivetalkinmama @JPedde As awesome as things are nowadays, the speed of notation and access just isn't there.
  • 11:08:21: People who share email forwards on listservs should be shunned.
  • 11:52:25: Starving. Tacos. (@ La Taqueria Grill)
  • 13:28:47: Ok, tonight must include laundry and desk organization (and perhaps some work). You all must hold me to this.
  • 13:34:53: @SnarphBlat Hopefully not for anything bad ;)
  • 13:52:38: RT @JamesUrbaniak: Not into Arcade Fire? Put the address you grew up at into Google Street View & rotate 360 while playing this: http:// ...
  • 14:48:11: I can not wait until the temperatures drop back down this weekend. I want to turn the air off inside!!
  • 15:09:59: @dormousie Good to hear! Cecilia has been sleeping in more and we have to rush in the mornings, so I feel the schedule issues.
  • 21:41:59: @incanus77 I just recalled @mullr playing Classical Gas at the 15th St. apt.
  • 22:52:50: @shetakesthecake Something lemony or citrusy? Make it so and I will come buy some!
  • 23:07:54:

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