Aug. 28th, 2010

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  • 07:56:37: I'm at Freedom of Espresso (144 Walton St, at S Franklin St, Syracuse).
  • 08:07:06: @andCKsays Never had any Haligonian friends?
  • 08:35:24: Are my sniffles this morning allergy-related or a cold coming on? Cecilia was kind of sneezy too...
  • 08:43:25: @SnarphBlat Yeah, I'm thinking it's allergies. Usually I get that weird taste/feeling in my mouth when it's a cold. Eyes kind of itchy too!
  • 08:44:07: Although, if anyone wants to deliver some fresh-squeezed oj to me, I wouldn't complain!
  • 08:51:19: @SnarphBlat Haha! Yes indeed! Don't worry - my mom is an RN, so I've grown up around icky health facts.
  • 08:57:24: I just cuddled a puppy!
  • 08:58:17: @SnarphBlat I've actually been much better the past few years (replaced with!), but some days stuff just gets to me!
  • 10:48:35: @dagsly @tracytilly @DanKlamm I still haven't figured out if I'm Gen X or Y. Generation On the Cusp.
  • 10:56:40: @dagsly They are kind of on the cusp of that too.
  • 11:05:01: @dagsly 1950 so they are, but I've seen gen y starting at 1976-77 births. I think I'm late Gen X. Joe skews me older anyway!
  • 11:12:04: Where is everyone lunching today?
  • 11:15:38: @dagsly Well I'm glad we've figured this out so I know how to be marketed to ;) #genx
  • 11:30:14: Wishing I had the dough to rent some studio space. Some things you can't easily do at a coffee shop working at home can be distracting.
  • 11:31:43: There should have been an "and" in that last post.
  • 11:57:02: Syracuse doesn't really have any #coworking spaces, does it?
  • 11:58:33: People, I need my life changed through the miracle of drag.
  • 12:01:07: Oh wait...
  • 12:02:05: @shetakesthecake @jivetalkinmama I LOVE RUPAUL & DRAG QUEENS
  • 12:17:21: @strongerica Absolutely, and the more fluffy To Wong Foo as well.
  • 12:53:07: @jivetalkinmama @shetakesthecake Next time @ThePandoraBoxx is in town, we should be there. (cc @strongerica)
  • 13:00:26: Always "fun" to see someone skipping a groove on a listserv.
  • 13:08:10: @sabler Oh wow... that's an oldie.
  • 13:15:22: @jlet @sabler Ok, I did it and the results are shockingly tame for the first few pages. And then...
  • 13:16:53: @kaylarrgh SWEET!
  • 16:03:18: Someday I will try doing things the easy way! #butnottodaysaysgowron
  • 16:11:18: Can someone explain to me how "Shattered Dreams" and "Silent Running" are different songs? Johnny Hates Mike's Mechanics?
  • 21:19:33: Thanks to @mmccormickcny & @SunnyinSyracuse for the mentions!
  • 21:20:34: @strongerica I know! I saw that and couldn't believe I was missing it. She was at Rain a few months back too.
  • 21:22:01: Watching Back to the Future on tv. No spoilers, ok? I hope that Biff guy gets his comeuppance.
  • 21:55:13: I think we're going to try to hit the #nysfair tomorrow morning. Cecilia did kind of go two years ago, in utero.
  • 22:08:30: @andCKsays I have to admit that the thought of navigating the crowds with even our little stroller is nauseating...
  • 22:10:27: @andCKsays I'd love to put Cecilia in our Ergo, but she's getting too big to want to be that contained for too long.
  • 22:37:25: @kwins I SO wish we could swing going during the week!

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