Aug. 14th, 2010

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  • 08:15:36: @Twentyfour01 I barely ever use the Twitter website, so I hardly knew it existed.
  • 08:24:21: So this is Friday. And what have you done?
  • 08:55:15: @mmccormickcny I can't even imagine Betty canning at all.
  • 09:27:08: @dagsly Sweet. Thanks for mentioning that. I was thinking about getting one for testing purposes. Can't beat the price.
  • 12:04:39: @JPedde Thanks!
  • 12:08:11: Here's to optimism. Had a very not-good thing happen today, but also two good things. More good things plz!
  • 12:33:40: Heh. The bookmark for my phone account still says "Cingular Wireless".
  • 12:45:24: Wish (that everyone else has): wireless sync for iPhone
  • 12:59:33: Had a meeting and now doing some work at Freedom in Fayetteville.
  • 13:07:00: @dormousie If it makes you feel better, I have yogurt from The Lady's breakfast this morning smeared on my black-shirted shoulder.
  • 13:23:16: I'm proud to announce that Noblework Media has joined SYRACUSE FIRST, a nonprofit network of local businesses,...
  • 13:31:34: @tracytilly Thanks for the RT! Supporting local and regional businesses is something that's really important to me. No-brainer to join!
  • 14:02:51: Not going to toot a list today, but I just have to say that Twitter has been so awesome to me, esp. over the past few months. Thanks tweeps!
  • 16:46:54: Playing in the rocks with The Lady.
  • 20:46:08: RT @FrankConniff: Eat Pray Love film already changing lives, inspiring women to dare to eat small cups of gelato with tiny plastic spoons.
  • 21:41:46: Oof. My legs feel like I ran a marathon today.
  • 22:28:16: Just because:
  • 23:43:58: Tiny hobolady outfit
  • 23:44:20: Cookies & milk jammies
  • 23:45:08: Ogling the fowl at Webster Pond

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