Aug. 4th, 2010

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  • 08:21:21: Waiting to see if I need to go back to pick up Cecilia today. Was upset when I left (which made me upset) and has been cranky at daycare...
  • 09:12:32: I'd like to read a book about an entrepreneur that DOESN'T have a safety net in terms of money/spouse meeting all fin. needs & childcare.
  • 09:40:24: The Lady seems fine now. I think it's mostly a mix of not wanting me to leave and liking her reg. teacher better than the morning people.
  • 10:09:26: Yes to comment #3. Also, upstate NY meat!
  • 10:30:45: @sabler I try. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes I want a darn mango, of which there are no NYS varieties.
  • 10:55:06: NICE. While unsubbing from a Constant Contact mailing list, I see that it is on the "Stolen email addresses" list. CLASSY.
  • 11:15:22: This has got to be the most unflattering shirt I own. Why do I keep wearing it?
  • 11:47:02: Yes, I'm manually line spacing this Word document. Can someone get me some hard liquor, please?
  • 12:29:30: @spiffstress Oh god yes. EXACTLY. The worst I ever saw was an old Real Simple article about a woman who "found herself" (funded by alimony).
  • 12:47:25: Why is this shirt so unflattering? The cap sleeves totally hit my guns at the wrong spot.
  • 13:08:40: @dblizzy Lucky bugger.
  • 13:19:32: @dblizzy Be sure to report back in detail!
  • 14:34:43: @id29 I'm trying to find "" in that url and failing.
  • 15:08:20: @dagsly I just hit myself with a binder clip. What do I win?
  • 19:01:57: Drawing in the big chair
  • 21:31:41: @tracytilly Excellent! Internet superstar!
  • 21:34:16: RT @tracytilly: need #careeradvice? check me out: (thanks @danlovell for your help!)
  • 22:20:14: Watching the most recent #DragU episode. Holy crap Shannel got a little Mini-me!

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