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2010-08-24 03:17 am

From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • 08:21:08: This weather seems to be wreaking havoc on my allergies. (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners) http://4sq.com/90GZu4
  • 08:24:14: @JoshShear This is where subscribing to calendars with holidays of major religions in iCal/Google Calendar comes in very handy.
  • 08:32:43: @SunnyinSyracuse I will take a spot on the list if more compelling cases don't step forward. :)
  • 08:43:58: Over the weekend, a few of you mentioned needing new websites... I can help! Drop a line and we can figure out what you need.
  • 08:46:40: Wish I could curl up at a coffeeshop with a big mug of tea and my own work today!
  • 09:03:58: @krispind I'm interested, but I have the condition that they move it to Syr. #notgoingtohappen
  • 09:13:23: Yeah yeah yeah, I got like two feet of hair cut off my head. Move along, move along.
  • 09:32:41: @dagsly I took a pic (of my old flannel shirt) this weekend that contains evidence: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stefnoble/4912824583/
  • 09:36:30: I believe that shirt came from the boutique of Mr. H. Philipson, a merchant of military goods and noted pugilist of prices.
  • 09:37:14: @dagsly Things were beyond poofy and into "head being actively strangled by hair".
  • 09:47:35: "Working on it" has about 283 different meanings.
  • 10:00:37: Follow Monday: @AngryPaulRand - saying everything you ever wanted to with authority
  • 10:02:57: Did any of you leave your bags here? If so, you can claim them under my eyes.
  • 10:34:29: Official new haircut photo with phone artfully replacing one eye. http://flic.kr/p/8uMzxs
  • 10:50:28: @graphicsgirl Thanks :) It is pleasantly low-maintenance and forgiving.
  • 10:56:07: @graphicsgirl They simply become tan highlights! One drawback is that I can't drape hair over yogurt handprints on my shoulders.
  • 11:12:21: I think it's a Pasta's day. #lunchplanning
  • 11:22:56: @kwins Hee :) In my case it was "Stef is working on it" and Stef doesn't even know what it is...
  • 11:35:15: @mhaithaca That's one of the places I deeply miss being able to walk to regularly!
  • 11:50:04: I'm looking for places around Syracuse that need to have their story told. Where is your favorite place? http://bit.ly/c0G7iL
  • 11:56:53: @mhaithaca Can you describe the problem with the form more? It doesn't give you the boxes for your name???
  • 12:02:00: @mhaithaca Aha! I see :) Well, I will change it to a single line box so that all names can be accomodated ;)
  • 12:02:21: And then I will spell accommodated properly.
  • 12:26:55: Spicy hot tomato oil? Yes please. (@ Pastabilities) http://4sq.com/cPFs9G
  • 12:28:51: Just saw the talented Michelle DaRin restocking her wares in #armorysquare http://www.michelledarinjewelry.com/
  • 12:36:16: @sabler Indeed it was. I recall Mr. Drury finding great mirth in it.
  • 12:37:18: HALP HALP HALP HALP HALP HALP HALP MEEEE! #justhadtogetthatout
  • 13:47:10: @msloaf If you can blowdry your hair nicely, you're doing well. I can only deal with air-drying and a little product.
  • 14:33:33: I hate when you're waiting for an important email and you keep getting "50% at BabyShoeCoYouBoughtFromOnce!" and "Keep your WHOIS current!"
  • 15:11:20: @kimincuse @ArmoryMassage It's got to be super-frozen when you start.
  • 16:40:49: I'm at Wegmans (6789 E Genesee St, Fayetteville) w/ 2 others. http://4sq.com/7Fd7be
  • 18:00:50: @dougbartow That drives me nuts too! How can the Dewitt Wegmopolis be anywhere but Dewitt? Of course, how can the Giants play in NJ?
  • 19:17:18: @champignon Yay!! That sounds promising!!
  • 20:13:47: @Lisawalsh Nice! I wish we had had you do our wedding!
  • 21:26:07: Every time I see it, I'm reminded that the Beirut episode of No Reservations is an excellent piece of television.
  • 22:27:35: FYI: SUNY Morrisville is hiring a Web Developer/Designer http://www.morrisville.edu/hr/jobdesc.aspx?id=280

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