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  • 08:31:16: Running late today. (@ Freedom of Espresso)
  • 08:35:24: A migraine totally killed last night for me. Trying to restart today!
  • 09:05:12: @jivetalkinmama I get mine year round, annoyingly. Usually I can take stuff to get rid of them, but sometimes it knocks me out too!
  • 10:29:48: @mhaithaca Regarding your response to my inquiry, do you have Scottish ancestry?
  • 11:05:25: What would you buy? Marantz PMD660 or Zoom H4? (I've used both in the past.)
  • 11:48:14: Verdict: I love the Marantz, but I think the Zoom H4n will be more versatile for both Joe (musician) and I (video).
  • 12:27:17: @tracytilly Little tupperware container with ants on a log! (Celery/pb/raisins)
  • 12:31:03: @tracytilly In the unhealthy dept: Twizzlers. Whatchamacallit. Cow Tails.
  • 12:36:05: Was just forced by my suggestion to @tracytilly to walk across to Empire News to buy Twizzlers.
  • 12:43:55: @dblizzy Somehow I missed your return. Welcome back!
  • 12:46:49: Twizzlers appear to have 2% of my daily iron requirement. Healthy.
  • 13:34:18: Netbook from woot arrived today. Now I have a windows machine to test on!
  • 13:49:47: Aaaand there are problems with css in IE. #bigsurprise
  • 15:10:06: @dormousie That is clearly because he cannot possibly be anything yet but a chubby little infant still.
  • 15:23:42: @dormousie Does he like hummus? Cecilia is a hummus fiend.
  • 15:28:46: @dormousie Well, samples ARE new and intriguing and more fun than "at home" food.
  • 15:29:54: @JPedde Hey now! Pipsqueak power! #wasasetterinhighschool #alsofivefootthree
  • 15:35:39: Hello candy crash.
  • 21:40:12: @KellyLux I think Parks & Recreation has surpassed 30 Rock lately anyway.
  • 21:43:10: Argh. Return of the migraine. In bed early tonight.

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Date: 2010-08-27 09:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Is Parks & Recreation good? I've never watched it, but I caught a snippet the other day and it seemed like an Office imitation.

Date: 2010-08-27 10:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It totally is a similar format and I almost wrote it off after the first few shows but it came into it's own and now I think it's better than both (although I was never a big fan of the US version of The Office.)

Date: 2010-08-30 01:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am on a huge 30Rock kick at the moment. HUGE. It's now available for streaming on Netflix (seasons 1-3) and so I've been finally watching them all in order and filling in the gaps. Love. It.


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