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  • 01:00:19: I am up late this evening. #seeItoldyouIwouldneedthatcoffeeinthemorning
  • 02:17:56: @JPedde I salute you, fellow late worker.
  • 02:26:24: @JPedde I used to be an inveterate nocturnal worker, but it's hard to do it regularly with a toddler around and her early rising!
  • 08:42:21: Yes. I was correct about needing that coffee. I'd also like some tranquilizers.
  • 08:46:39: @meghanwaslike I need a WHOLE LOT OF THINGS canceled out right now!
  • 09:04:57: Darn you, Pacific time.
  • 09:13:24: And, to top it off, my oatmeal is watery. #calgontakemeaway
  • 09:27:21: Trying to figure out what else I could possibly do...
  • 09:46:06: The problem with taking risks is not so much having no cushion for yourself, but having other people that will get pulled down with you.
  • 09:47:20: @SavilleL Excellent review!
  • 09:49:57: @SavilleL Thanks for posting that. Just purchased the Kindle version to read on my iPhone.
  • 10:04:19: People, I need you to talk smack about Portland, OR to stop me from wanting to move there.
  • 10:27:56: @incanus77 I can tell you are reaching. You have waffle windows and food trucks galore.
  • 11:46:50: Turkey chili. (@ Blue Tusk)
  • 12:21:58: @dagsly Well none of the Portlanders I know have been very convincing! (teehee @kwins)
  • 12:49:57: @kwins Haha... sorry :) And I'm not leaving the CNYz. But we could use more food trucks up here.
  • 12:52:18: Fan? Meet feces. Feces? Meet fan.
  • 13:03:30: @Twentyfour01 What would be on your list?
  • 13:46:49: @mmccormickcny "I'm at the Cuba Cheese Shoppe." And I am jealous!
  • 14:02:52: Cannot wait to go pick up my lady this afternoon.
  • 14:03:20: @id29 That is truly eerie.
  • 14:22:04: @beaslee @jivetalkinmama Ooohh... eat some mochi for me
  • 15:14:22: Do you want to be famous? No? Good, then you won't mind volunteering for my project!
  • 15:43:51: If possible, could you RT the link to my survey form in my last post? Trying to broaden my field of responses as much as I can. Thanks!!
  • 16:43:53: The fire truck park. (@ Sheridan Park)

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