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  • 07:15:38: Made grave error in thinking someone would want pancakes instead of oatmeal this morning. #toddlerdogma
  • 07:16:58: Or it is right below on that email. Argh! @tracytilly: you have my business card, spell my name correctly, please! #payattention!
  • 08:41:13: @JoshShear I FEEL HER PAIN
  • 08:53:29: I'm at Freedom of Espresso (128 W Genesee St, Fayetteville).
  • 09:21:18: @mellokittie Try making sure you get some protein in the morning?
  • 10:00:53: Can NOT stop yawning this morning.
  • 10:26:44: The slight tinge of fall in the air gets me in the mood to do a rewatch of "Felicity"... and apples and leaves and all that too etc. etc.
  • 10:36:11: @strongerica I bought the DVDs a few years ago!
  • 10:41:21: "Hey." "Hey." "Do you know [professor/class/coffeeshop/artist]? I've heard [he/she/it] is AMAZING." #felicitytweets
  • 10:54:10: @strongerica Hee... Noel? Ben? Shooey - I'm a Javier girl!
  • 11:07:01: I can be a very impatient person sometimes.
  • 12:04:04: My brain hurts!
  • 12:37:14: Friends don't let friends go to graduate school. #unlesstheyarefullyfunded
  • 12:39:28: @msloaf Is there somewhere you can make an "appointment" to be earlier in the day? Force your classmates to have breakfast together ;)
  • 12:41:11: Happy groups of people make me happy. #simpleneeds
  • 14:05:21: @andCKsays @dagsly The answer is none. None more red.
  • 14:20:36: Huh... well that wasn't about minor child characters in Star Trek.
  • 14:30:05: @dagsly I guess we did that unintentionally! I was right on the cusp with my December b-day.
  • 18:54:41: How many more things can we forget to put on the list??? (@ Wegmans)
  • 19:43:07: Ugh. The basement leakage near the litterbox has contributed to our whole house smelling like a litterbox. #lePEW
  • 23:24:27: @mellokittie Hello fellow migraine-sufferer! (cc @jivetalkinmama)
  • 23:25:39: I wish my laptop had a little flip-out second screen in the left upper corner.
  • 23:58:58: Got the coffee pot ready for tomorrow. Yes, I said coffee. I feel I will need it tomorrow. #usuallyateadrinker

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