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  • 08:11:51: The air is redolent with the smell of toast. (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners)
  • 08:26:35: Thank you, Wufoo, for putting Kelly Clarkson in my head.
  • 08:53:39: Hey all: I'm looking for unsung SYR-area places that have a story to tell. Can you help? #niceformthistimearound
  • 08:58:54: @kaylarrgh It was excellent. Need to go back and really get down with the food.
  • 09:05:39: @SteveBorek Yes - I snuck in late, so I missed most of it!
  • 09:13:25: Argh. I forgot to make a hair appt. today. I wonder if anyone has any slots open...?
  • 09:33:34: @dormousie That reminds me of when I would pretend to be Bugs Bunny when I was little.
  • 10:10:20: Context. I like it.
  • 10:45:03: OH MY GOD. #bloodpressure #headdesk #cringe
  • 10:46:19: I suddenly have the urge to watch "What About Bob?" Oh wait, I always want to watch that. #babysteps
  • 11:09:20: I wish I could snoop on this conversation a little more...
  • 11:15:30: @dougbartow Slate is good, but I also love Project Rungay's dissections of the clothing styles and themes
  • 11:20:10: I love Richard Dreyfuss in this segment: #whataboutbobchat
  • 11:21:48: Getting some work done for a few moments. (@ Freedom of Espresso)
  • 11:24:00: @danitabecker Ah thanks! The more of us, the better!
  • 11:36:38: @jivetalkinmama You can totally see the colors though! Nice!
  • 12:49:43: @kimincuse I lived down there for a few years. Ithaca is wonderful to explore.
  • 12:51:07: I'm working my 60s Peggy Olson and her hipster pals hair now.
  • 12:59:20: Shanna worked a miracle! (@ All Dolled Up Salon)
  • 13:48:50: It looks like my Northside neighborhood signs are up. Have to go get pictures at some point.
  • 13:51:31: Worky and tea. (@ Recess)
  • 14:24:12: I'm looking for places around Syracuse that need to have their story told. Where is your favorite place?
  • 14:51:43: You know, I'm really not wanting to re-invent the wheel for my business/portfolio site. May just tweak a template and say DONE.
  • 15:49:33: Catching some of the current DFH students' final projects. (@ S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications w/ 2 others)
  • 16:32:53: I want to teach a typography for film/documentary class...
  • 17:40:57: @mellokittie I live in Syracuse, but I'm always trying to think of ways to be able to move back. We are there a lot tho, incl this weekend!
  • 18:04:54: @blake_p I think you can get dudes to send you money for that kind of thing if you set up a webcam.
  • 19:04:18: @kimincuse congrats! What a great opportunity!
  • 21:13:09: @v_phd You've read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, right? Your post reminds me about the scene with Francie's teacher criticizing her work.
  • 21:16:50: Now that Cecilia is asleep, my night will consist of getting deep into some work and keeping Cheddar out of my cereal. #glamour
  • 21:35:32: @andCKsays Anything happening to Cecilia is top of the list. My fear of anything happening to me is nil, as long as I've protected her.
  • 21:38:44: Kitty fight! Kitty fight!
  • 21:42:21: @tracytilly Yes & after losing my dad when I was 18, it became even more difficult to think about.
  • 21:43:07: @andCKsays Of course, then there is "but what if I get hurt so badly that I can't protect her anymore?" Argh!
  • 21:46:46: In lighter news, I gave in and let Cheddar lick the remnants of my cereal bowl. He is truly a weenie among weenies. #weeniecat
  • 22:21:32: @JPedde JOHN WOLF. Say hi for me.
  • 22:27:09: @JPedde Small town! And who ISN'T friends with John Wolf?
  • 22:38:21: @JPedde mentioned Korean food and now I'm once again craving duk bokki from Chorong.
  • 22:58:59: @JPedde Small country then! And the next tweetup should be at Chorong and we can do karaoke.
  • 23:02:46: All that claptrap about just tweaking a template for my site? Nonsense. Too much junk. Although I am going back to my Starkers-built idea...
  • 23:17:37: @Mitch_M They're of no use if you know what you want and can make it. Starkers is a great starting point though.
  • 23:22:21: @Mitch_M Yeah, if you were building from "scratch" a full site, using WP as a content management system.

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