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  • 08:45:57: 6-8pm tonight! RT: @thesarahburns: Don't miss SYR Creative Eats tonight at Laci's Tapas Bar! #aigaupstny
  • 08:52:50: Saw a girl in a fedora in Armory Sq. today and knew exactly where she was headed to work.
  • 09:06:03: Glad to be reclaiming the Newhouse part of my identity this fall.
  • 09:47:20: One thing I miss about Movable Type as opposed to Wordpress is the ability to have multiple blogs/sites under one install.
  • 09:53:39: @Twentyfour01 You know, you're right... Wordpress included MU in with 3.0.
  • 09:54:07: Big duhrr on my part there. Anyway, I still do miss using MT sometimes.
  • 09:56:51: Is anyone familiar with the inner workings of the SU jobs site?
  • 10:00:44: @Twentyfour01 In many ways, I much preferred the insertion of MT tags in designing a site, to building around WP templates.
  • 10:07:51: @JPedde I would very much have liked to, but I have a conflicting event tonight.
  • 10:16:58: @andCKsays I'm just curious about the different status labels. Essentially: when do you know for sure you've been tossed aside? ;)
  • 10:56:20: @graphicsgirl Love it. Sometimes drawings like those or in city directories are the only visual evidence left of a building.
  • 11:12:23: The greater my need for a site to be up, the greater the possibility that it is inexplicably down.
  • 11:22:32: @SunnyinSyracuse My pleasure - always looking to add more Syracuse-area people!
  • 11:26:11: Hmmm... what should lunch be today? As much as I would like it to be a big bowl of spinach artichoke dip, that probably isn't the best plan.
  • 11:37:31: Early heads up that The Lady and I will be heading to the MoVa this weekend.
  • 11:43:14: I am really looking forward to finally trying out Laci's Tapas Bar tonight. Nom nom. #syracuse #aigaupstny #creativeeats
  • 12:11:04: Hmmm, Twitter is doing that "no followers" thing again.
  • 12:11:47: @dagsly I hope it resolves itself soon. And that no one gives you a coffee hard candy.
  • 12:18:36: @erwimer Thank you!!! It all makes sense now.
  • 12:25:24: Someday they will have that chicken salad sandwich again... (@ Blue Tusk)
  • 12:55:22: I have Jon Lovitz as Harvey Fierstein in my head.
  • 12:58:51: Plug away!
  • 13:05:15: RT @nprscottsimon: Dr. Scott Bea at CleveClinic sez it's natural to cry on first day of yr children's school. Good. Principal practicall ...
  • 13:06:08: @shetakesthecake I noticed today that I had a bunch of people in a list that I wasn't actually following either. Odd!
  • 13:32:27: @kimincuse @SunnyinSyracuse I had that happening earlier, but now everything is back in place.
  • 14:07:19: To whom it may concern: A better use of my time than yours? I'd love to show you how I would use that time. #outofcontextrant
  • 14:10:37: Agghgh! Stop calling me, Time Warner auto-dialer thing!
  • 14:33:12: @Lisawalsh Is it correct that there are no fees beyond a percentage or so of the payment being made?
  • 14:43:49: @Lisawalsh Sweet - thanks. I didn't know anyone who had actually used it.
  • 15:46:24: Ok - question answered!
  • 19:22:35: Creative Eats! (@ Laci's Tapas Bar)
  • 19:38:53: Tweetup! (@ J Ryans w/ 5 others)
  • 20:44:19: @strongerica Great meeting you all! We'll have to talk old fart tunes sometime.
  • 21:32:48: Met @strongerica @SunnyinSyracuse @JPedde @KellyLux @kimincuse @jillhw @EricHinman @Mitch_M tonight and if I've missed you, let me know!
  • 21:35:37: Have I mentioned recently that @andCKsays is pillar in the community and a stand-up fellow?
  • 21:54:57: @strongerica I used to wear THREE OF THE SAME Beatles watches AT THE SAME TIME in middle school. #superfanbutalsoagoober
  • 22:20:54: Hey 'Cuse folks: Do you have suggestions for sites around town that you feel are unsung or that have a story to tell? Let me know...
  • 22:30:06: @Twentyfour01 Possibly, but not necessarily. Just looking for places that are important to someone but don't usually get a lot of attention.
  • 22:49:34: @KellyLux Thank you! Great to put real faces to the little icons on here:) (Working on a new version of my site right now actually!)
  • 22:53:35: Excellent food tonight at Laci's Tapas Bar! I could have eaten about 40 of the tomato/mozz/basil lollipops.
  • 22:58:34: @kimincuse They do a kind of casual, varied take on tapas. Have you been to Just a Taste in Ithaca?
  • 23:08:14: @kimreed Here the answer to that!
  • 23:13:51: @mellokittie Ah - I just looked at your latitude/longitude. I grew up in Herkimer :)
  • 23:41:09: @jivetalkinmama Awesome! I used to have fun hair - need to do that again someday.
  • 23:43:54: @rachiestar @burrito19 @kimreed Thanks for the suggestions! Adding them to my list...
  • 23:54:08: @jivetalkinmama Nice!
  • 23:55:30: People. I love this fragging pen.

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