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  • 07:12:24: Cecilia is sleeping in after two wake-ups last night.
  • 08:27:15: Just ran down for tea. (@ Freedom of Espresso)
  • 08:27:59: Back to work. (@ Crawford & Stearns Architects and Preservation Planners)
  • 08:33:12: Yep. (to say anything more would get me in trouble)
  • 09:24:15: Sometimes I think I must have just fallen from a different planet. Or perhaps it's that others think that about me??
  • 09:33:26: Time for my biweekly commencement of fetal position when faced with having to do my timesheets.
  • 09:43:25: Adding some folks on LinkedIn. Should we be connected?
  • 11:01:04: Despite popular belief, I still seem to be only one person with one set of hands.
  • 11:45:11: Mondays and many mornings for me lately: "Ok, good attitude good attitude good attitude good attitude... wait, no no NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!"
  • 12:02:46: It always kind of feels like Christmas when I get an "ITEM RESERVED FOR YOU" notice from the library.
  • 12:46:52: @dougbartow Kind of like the pre- or post-horns Jam predicament.
  • 12:51:15: @graphicsgirl Are you an AIGA member?
  • 12:51:41: @kwins Oh dear *hugs*
  • 13:01:23: @kwins Oh no! I agree w/you there. Time with Cecilia is great, but she also needs to not live in a cardboard box. Sometimes we HAVE to work!
  • 13:38:07: Looking forward to Creative Eats on Thursday at Laci's Tapas Bar! #aigaupstny
  • 21:23:15: Not ashamed to admit that my main backup drive is named Skarloey.
  • 21:29:49: Not that I recommend this course of action, but, for once, I ignored a problem and it actually did go away!
  • 21:37:48: @kaylarrgh I have to admit that I set up the event there to finally get to try it out!
  • 22:19:25: Having "breakfast dinner" tomorrow night: eggs, homefries, toast and fruit.
  • 22:35:45: I am enjoying a bowl of bran flakes as a snack. #veryveryold #alsoknowswhattimelawrencewelkison
  • 22:39:20: @sabler No, I'm having tea. Although there is prune juice in the house to keep a certain toddler running smoothly.
  • 23:06:20: I am having a huge AbFab craving right now.
  • 23:11:14: @jivetalkinmama I'm feeling very Edina Monsoon at the moment, although I'm staying away from silver leggings and the like.
  • 23:13:10: Here we go:
  • 23:20:22: @jivetalkinmama I chose that video specifically for the divining rod scene.
  • 23:48:58: Just noticed this on the Goog: "Organization name (e.g., FrobozzCo or Tyrell Corporation)" Yay Zork reference!

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