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  • 09:02:47: Just got home from Regional Market. Saturday tradition for The Lady and I!
  • 09:04:15: RT @danitabecker: RT @SyrMichael: Five: the number of languages I've heard so far at the farmers market #ilovediversity #cny #Syracuse
  • 12:50:43: @jill_hw That place is almost literally next to our house. I've thought of joining merely because it's so close!
  • 12:52:48: Just returned from the zoo... The penguins, tigers, and elephants were the favorites today.
  • 13:29:21: Excellent look at the use of typography in practice (that practice being law...)
  • 17:13:15: Ok - you people have drawn me back into using Foursquare. However, I can only check in if a place has wifi, so there you go.
  • 17:14:23: And I still prefer Gowalla to Foursquare.
  • 17:19:18: @shetakesthecake I was thinking the same thing earlier! Congrats to @dblizzy and his lady!
  • 17:20:15: @sabler But Gowalla is PRETTIER. And it makes me mad if I forget to check in somewhere new and then I feel like I'VE LOST THE GAME.
  • 17:21:07: @sabler But I've also LOST THE GAME if everyone else is playing and I'm not, so there is no way for me to really win.
  • 17:37:05: Cooking some @FlourCityPasta for dinner tonight!
  • 17:37:34: @sabler I'll concede that point.
  • 17:39:20: I kind of want to give away all of my clothes and start fresh with only a week and a half of outfits. #drowningintshirts
  • 23:07:59: Looking forward to making scrambled eggs w/mozz cheese and New Hope Mills buckwheat pancakes for breakfast in the morning!
  • 23:23:23: @meghanwaslike Friday and Saturday nights used to be my favorite time to go a-Wegging. So nice & empty. I tend to be too pooped nowadays!

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