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  • 00:10:58: Why am I still awake?
  • 00:14:09: Aha... I am still up because Cecilia decided to wake up now and hence I am ready to soothe her.
  • 08:09:58: My gramp is in the hospital. Good thoughts please.
  • 08:24:01: @SnarphBlat Congrats! Yay web women!
  • 09:04:24: Comments from @Forrst are great, but I find that even just posting a draft helps me be editorial by getting it out of my head.
  • 09:08:04: Boo. Joe gets to go to Old Forge today for work! He's going to eat at Keyes even though he has a lunch packed, I'm sure!
  • 09:50:16: @hchamp Can "sourced" follow quickly behind? "I sourced this beef jerky at the 7-11."
  • 10:11:31: @SnarphBlat Do you have a "day job" or do you only work on your own stuff?
  • 10:16:45: @andCKsays I tried to get back into it after hearing a bunch of stuff lately and there are some neat features, but it felt kludgy.
  • 10:21:51: @amlanesey It's still on my husband's work computer... bleh
  • 10:51:12: @kimreed I didn't know you knew @SnarphBlat! OH TWITTER! *cue sitcom music*
  • 10:54:27: Am I a big NPR dweeb for wanting to record a testimonial for @WRVO?
  • 10:56:09: @kimreed @SnarphBlat I've known Kim via her websites since 199??. The funny thing is that even tho we're both CNYers, we met in Austin, TX!
  • 11:12:40: [italianchefcommercial] "I make-a you succulent, golden brown morsels of design!" Now booking clients for fall.
  • 11:32:08: @tracytilly Yay! Congratulations!
  • 12:20:34: @jlet You have to wonder if he had thought of doing any of it prior to this incident.
  • 12:27:28: @dougbartow
  • 12:30:03: @sabler @jlet Mine involves automating styles, spacing, and lists in Word. SHHHEEEEYAHHH!
  • 20:48:44: @JoshShear Oh, I love Riley's!

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