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  • 09:05:59: Mmmmmmph.
  • 09:50:46: Trying to make some amends.
  • 09:57:36: Recommendations for photo gallery software needed. Not Flickr. Needs to be SUPER easy to use and pref open source/free. #foraclient
  • 10:17:52: @sabler That's my fall back option. I wasn't sure if there was something else I could install on the server that wasn't awash in options.
  • 12:08:14: @kwins I did part-time, but now I'm pretty much full-time. I think the flexibility of part-time at first was helpful.
  • 13:17:30: @kwins Well, we started at 3 mos. so it was hard to tell for her. She was a champ. It helped *me* :)
  • 13:26:51: @kwins Cecilia really had no problems at first. She was happy to see me in the afternoons, but really enjoyed it at her first daycare.
  • 13:28:38: @kwins She likes her new one, altho dropoffs can b tough. A lot of it is just her being older & the same may have hppnd at her old place 2.
  • 13:37:39: @incanus77 & @graphicsgirl Thanks, but I think SlideShowPro is overkill for these folks. I think a Picasa account is what we'll do.
  • 13:38:39: @Mitch_M Maybe
  • 18:19:15: @dblizzy Oh man. I'm a devoted Sharpie pen user. This is just too much for me to handle. #sobsofwritingimplementjoy
  • 20:34:58: Videos of people scratching off fake lottery tickets seem especially cruel to me.
  • 20:51:05: Things are getting interesting.
  • 20:53:47: Cecilia and I played with Colorforms on the sliding glass door while watching the rain this evening. #nice
  • 22:16:36: @sabler Yeah, I felt the same. Had some funny moments, but overall didn't grab me.
  • 22:20:57: It's official. I cannot watch videos of kids being surprised by their military parents coming home without blatting on the floor in a ball.
  • 22:31:56: It's official! Joe Lenahan is the 100th fan of Noblework Media! Thanks everyone! And if you're in Hawaii and need...
  • 22:58:46: Let it be known that @andCKsays is an upstanding twitter person!
  • 23:52:44: @JPedde I see you've gotten RaLins recs. I would also suggest MQ Camera Center on Burnet.

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