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  • 09:03:14: @graphicsgirl Is it just me or does he look like post-plastic surgery Rupert Everett in the 1987 picture?
  • 09:32:45: Trying to remember when FedEx usually shows up at our house. UPS tends to be later in the day.
  • 09:42:37: @jlet I tried to use that a few weeks ago at work, but unsurprisingly, it wasn't getting along with my work clunker. Should try at home...
  • 10:01:01: Sharpie pens, where have you been all my life? #felttiplover
  • 10:58:26: Not sure if I should completely redo something or work with the raw materials...
  • 10:59:03: The raw materials involve ITC Garamond, which explains my concern.
  • 11:00:04: @champignon Hmmm... can I help? #notinlibraryoronacampus
  • 11:01:58: Regarding my recent Fireworks fling: It's intriguing, but I don't think I'm up for changing my workflow at this point in time.
  • 11:09:02: @dblizzy Also, I have tended to a lot of in-browser design lately, with Pshop flourishes added after, so I'm not sure where to fit in Fwrks.
  • 13:11:45: Why didn't I think of this before? Schedule document to print a few minutes ahead so I can run to put the right paper in beforehand.
  • 14:35:56: Disappeared into a small portal that involved Twizzlers and some office supply/productivity pron for a moment there.
  • 14:37:27: Trying to add a few more #syracuse folk.
  • 14:38:07: @tracytilly Finally! Congratulations!
  • 14:47:06: Does anyone else get a malware warning when trying to visit It seems to only happen in Chrome for me...
  • 14:59:36: Color scheme achieved.
  • 15:06:24: @msloaf Eh... Nice photos are nice photos!
  • 15:31:24: Today's @StoryCorps made me a little verklempt:
  • 16:53:16: Yes, that was my child yelling "BALL! BALL! BOING BOING!" last night at Target. #hadtocomehomewithbigorangeball
  • 16:59:18: @sabler Actually balls and coloring implements are very high on the list of enduring FUN TIMEZ.
  • 17:05:52: Going to walk down to Angotti's in a little bit to meet up with Joe & Cecilia for dinner.
  • 21:23:11: Fact: Andrew at Angotti's is the best waiter in #syracuse
  • 21:29:47: So, who wants to come help us rip out our deck sometime before winter? #fb

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